Alupress AG

Production of aluminium parts (die casting and machining)
Turnover 143 Mio. €, 4 locations
HQ Brixen, Italy
Duration 07/2017 - 02/2018
Scope 146 working days
  • Development of a database application (SQL Server 2014) for production visualization
    • Data import from MES and ERP
    • Analyzing and support of improving the data quality
    • Definition and calculation of various KPIs
    • Configuration of the visualization software Visual Shop Floor®
    • Documentation of the system
  • Development of a Windows desktop application (C#) for managing the database application including user and developer documentation
  • Support of the project “MES new”

MMEC Mannesmann GmbH

EPC for oil and gas industry
Turnover 60 Mio. €, 1 location
HQ Duesseldorf, Germany
Duration 09/2016 - 06/2017
Scope 195 working days
  • Microsoft licensing for 2017-2019
  • Implementation of an open source asset management tool (Snipe-IT)
    • Automated data synchronisation between SCCM and Snipe-IT (T-SQL script)
    • .NET-application for mass creation of assets
  • Onboarding of a SAM services provider for continuos software license compliance
  • Implementation of a new office print solution (secure printing)
    • Vendor and product selection
    • Support of installation and solution configuration
    • Creation of scan workflows with Nuance Autostore
  • Project support of the introduction of a new EDMS solution
    • Vendor and product selection
  • Project support of the introduction of a new material management solution
    • Vendor and product selection
  • Migration to Office 2016 ProPlus
    • SCCM deployment
    • Powershell script for a more userfriendly update process
    • Powershell script and .NET application (C#) for automated download of new updates from Microsoft
    • Documentation
  • Creation of an IT wiki using SharePoint Online
    • Customized page layout with a table of contents, customized print layout and more
  • Project support for a new BPM tool
    • Vendor and product selection

4K Invest Ltd

Private Equity
HQ Munich, Germany
Duration 04/2013 - 08/2016
Scope see below

The projects below, executed between 04/2013 – 08/2016. were done for 4K Invest. Due to contractual limitations the company names can’t be given.

Department store chain

Turnover 300 Mio. €, 37 locations
HQ Helsinki, Finland
Duration 03/2015 – 08/2016
Scope 283 working days
  • Project leader for the carve-out of IT systems
  • Contract negotiations with IT service providers
  • Introduction of a new call center solution
  • Re-negotiation TSA
  • License transfer and purchase
  • Support of department store openings
  • Support of headquarter move
  • Pilot project for SAP automation using WinShuttle
  • Process optimization for master data creation
    • Process simplification in SAP
    • Adaption master Excel (VBA programming)
  • Introduction of new processes for concession suppliers incl. EDI automation
  • Introduction of layout module system in SAP
    • Planning, implementation and migration
  • Data preparation for external partner for campaign analysis
  • Building of a data warehouse for operative reporting for layout module system
    • Installation and configuration Microsoft SQL Server 2014
    • Creation of reports (Reporting Services) for Purchasing, Sales and IT department
    • Ad hoc queries for various business units
    • Automated data import SAP (DB2) and POS (PostgreSQL)
  • Programming (C#) of a download tool for web shop pictures (Windows App) from suppliers
  • Introduction of Google Apps for work
  • Management reporting KPI with Tableau (SAP Retail on DB2)
  • Data verification for data warehouse migration
  • Support for introduction of CRM-Tools and POS receipt archive
  • Programming (C#) of a tool for article selection for campaigns (document-level Office-customization for Excel)
  • Support of business units concerning data faults and errors as well as supply chain issues
  • Operative tasks in SAP
    • LSMW-Import for replenishment parameters
    • Testing of SAP development provided by service providers

Filament yarn producer

Textile industry
Turnover 100 Mio. €, 1 location
HQ Deggendorf, Germany
Duration 01/2015 – 01/2016
Scope 58 working days
  • Project support for introducing of a CRM tool
  • Project support for the production WLAN
  • Project support for product tracing
  • Project support for master data clean-up
  • Reporting tool for Sales department based on Microsoft Excel with database access
  • Purchase, planning and configuration of the new firewall solution (Sophos UTM)
  • Support of the IT department

EMS producer

Electronics manufacturing
Turnover 55 Mio. €, 1 location
HQ Paderborn, Germany
Duration 05/2014 – 03/2015
Scope 167 working days
  • TSA (transition service agreement) negotiations
  • Carve-out IT systems
    • Design and purchase of server hardware, firewall, load balancer and storage
    • Installation and data migration Microsoft Exchange Server 2013
    • Budget tracking
  • Introduction SAP
    • User management
    • Role management
    • Customization transport
    • Support data migration
  • Design and implementation of a data exchange portal based on SharePoint 2013
  • Introduction of a video conferencing system (Cisco WebEx)
  • Introduction of a reporting tool for the factoring supplier
  • Preparation and execution of Microsoft license transfer
  • Introduction Normalizer (material normalization within the group)
  • Support of the IT department

EMS producer

Electronics manufacturing
Turnover 100 Mio. €, 5 locations
HQ Castel Maggiore, Italy
Duration 04/2013 – 11/2014
Scope 252 working days
  • Documentation of the IT landscape
  • Negotiation and re-design for new blade servers
  • License consulting and contracting of a Microsoft Select Plus contract
  • Building of a data warehouse based on Microsoft SQL Server
    • Installation of virtual machine (Windows) on vSphere
    • Data import from AS400 (DB2) and SAP (using RFC)
    • Creation of production KPI reports
    • Creation OLAP cube (production defect analysis)
  • Programming (C#) Tool for RFQ-creation/management and ERP data import
  • Introduction TrueCrypt (desktop encryption)
  • Negotiation and technical verification of ISP change for WAN and Internet access
  • Project support for SAP in-housing
  • Project support Normalizer (material normalization within the group)
  • Pilot project for work effort registration
  • Process optimization for goods receipt
  • Support of the IT department (servers, network, firewall)

Holding for vehicle manufacturing and industrial plants

Vehicle industry
Turnover n/a, multiple locations
Locations multiple in Germany
Duration 01/2013 – 03/2013
Scope 13 working days
  • Concept for hardware virtualization based on Microsoft Hyper-V
  • General consulting for IT infrastructure

Textile logistics

Logistic services
Turnover 30 Mio. €, 1 location
HQ Hörsel, Germany
Duration 2012-2013
  • Concept for hardware virtualization based on Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Concept for network infrastructure
  • Consulting on Microsoft licensing

Goldgas SL GmbH

Energy supplier
Turnover 420 Mio. €, 1 location
HQ Eschborn, Germany
Duration 04/2012 – 04/2013, remote support until 10/2014
Scope 256 working days
  • Building of a data warehouse and an operative reporting system based on Microsoft SQL Server 2012, Reporting Services, Analysis Services and Integration Services
    • Research of business specific requirements
    • Investigation of department specific data ware house requirements
    • Design of data interfaces together with service providers
    • Data analysis and correction with service providers
    • Design of data model
    • Design and installation of the SQL server
    • Data import from Oracle, MySQL and text files from service providers
    • Creation of reports (Reporting Services) for Purchasing, Sales, Network management, Operations and Controlling
    • Creation of reports and query tools based on Microsoft Excel
    • Creation of an OLAP cube (SSAS) for Sales
    • Creation of ad hoc queries
  • Support of the IT department
    • Management of Exchange Server
    • Firewall management
    • Management Active Directory
  • Support for introduction of Dymatrix DynaCampaign
  • Introduction Kisters BelVis (energy data management)
    • Installation Server
    • Testing
    • Import weather data
  • Support of sales process
    • Ad hoc queries of operations data